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How to spot Fake perfume vs Original perfume

Posted by Perfumes 07/11/2016 0 Comment(s) Articles,

There are many designer's perfumes selling extremely cheap that flooding the market, especially on the internet. Do you think we can get a Chanel Chance (EDP) 100ml for RM130? A Chanel!!! An EDP!!! For RM 130!!! The first question always comes to our mind is, "Are these fragrances Authentic?" Counterfeiting or imitation products is a huge problem globally, with millions of fake goods being produced and sold every year. It is estimated that up to 10% of perfumes and toiletries in the marketplace are fakes.


Fakes have exactly the same designers name, almost identical bottle, label, box and with very similar scent too! Counterfeiters of perfume have become masters of their crime with the aid of modern digital imaging and printing techniques. They are capable of producing almost identical replicas of almost all the major leading perfume brands on the market today. It's not easy to tell which is a Fake, right? Not quite! 


You still can spot the difference instantly if you are a season fragrance user. You can distinguish the differences between a fake and the original perfume, physically by holding and looking at the bottle and testing the fragrance. Fake ones are not attention to details, especially on the box color, emboss logo, emboss product code, the cap, bottle texture, the scent and etc.... check out these imperfection spots


Fake perfume vs originalPackaging

The package should be a quality cardboard and consistent on the color. The logo, wordings, font type and text size should be sharp, clean and clear and logo's on some designer's packing are emboss. Check the perfume box to make sure the label has the correct spelling. You would be surprised how many fakes masquerading as the real thing actually give themselves away with spelling errors.


Product code or Label

Most fake perfumes include a label that is not perfectly aligned on the bottle. Check the label on the bottle you are buying is straight, symmetrical and without imperfections. The serial number should be indicated on the bottom of the bottle and not glued on.  


The serial number on the bottle should match the number on the box, it should be imprinted or emboss on the base of the box.



The color and texture on the bottle maybe be different. Next, is the cap, fakes bottle caps are loose and sometimes fall off easily. A clear example is, a Chanel (Bleu de Chanel) cap is magnetize on the original bottle but the fakes doesn’t. Designer replicas are often come in flawed bottles, imperfections such as bubbles in the glass, loose or crooked crystals, uneven molding marks and an overall poor look to the quality of the glass generally indicate a fake.


Content and Color

The liquid content should look full, almost touching the top left and right shoulder bottle, replicas doesn't have this content consistency. The color of the perfume liquid should be clear and consistent. It should not appear oily, murkiness and floaties. You may find the liquid leaks out from the side of the sprayer head on some replicas.



The fragrance which might be close the first time you smell it but not exactly as it should. There are 3 different notes in a fragrance, top notes, middle notes and base notes. All notes are using a different compound to create, this complexity ensures that the scent is varied and multi-layer, allowing the scent to change from the initial application until completely evaporate from your skin. Fakes are usually flat and very different. Another obvious indicator is that the fake fragrance does not last as long, perhaps as little as one hour instead of 6 hours or longer (depending on Perfume category you are using eg. EDT, EDP or Parfum) as is the case with original designer perfume.


Health Risk : Counterfeit perfumes usually doesn’t follow the safety standards that are applied to all cosmetics and toiletries around the world. When cheaper, inferior ingredients are being used, these may cause allergic reactions for some people with sensitive skin and could also stain garments.

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